Elizabeth “Lizz” Straight is a woman. She is Alora’s mom. She is married to Matthew.  She writes sometimes. She intends to read contemporary literature in her free time, but instead she plays Fruit Ninja and reads celebrity gossip in her free time. She has a degree in English/Creative Writing from The University of South Florida and it took her 12 years to get it. She was born in 1980 of the Mississippi Gulf Coast (yes she meant of). She was ranked 8th in the world at the Individual World Poetry Slam (2007), she earned first place at the Southern Fried Poetry Slam (2003 & 2008). As a matter of absolute fact, she has appeared on finals stage every year that she has competed at the Southern Fried Poetry Slam. She created “Poetry Is…” a poetically revolutionary radio show on WMNF 88.5 FM in Tampa, FL. She hosted, engineered and produced this radio show from 2005-2010, and she spearheaded the most gangsta poetry prison tour ever under the name “Lizz Straight Ministries” during that same period. She currently resides in West Palm Beach, FL. Most every Sunday, she sings in the vocal choir and rings in the hand bell choir at the church where her father in law is a priest. There is the rare occasion when she steps out on the dive bar/pub/wing shack scene in Palm Beach County and reminds the world who the f*@! she is – A GANGSTA, POET, GODDESS & (KARAOKE) ROCK STAR! That is all.

Other Cool Things Lizz Has Done

She is a member of Black on Black Rhyme,, the largest spoken word poetry collective in the country. She has opened for international recording artists such as The Last Poets, Dwele, and Chrisette Michelle. She was featured in the documentaries ‘Rhapsodists’ and ‘Portrait of a Poet’which was an honorable mention at the Hollywood Film Festival in 2007. Lizz also paints, makes earrings, sugar scrubs and she goes through phases where she will juice organic vegetables every other day.


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