The food was awesome and I got to take a nap two days in a row. I wished I had the courage to venture out in to the shopping nightmare so many stumble and grunt through with the whites of their eyes cracked with red veins, and their bank accounts thumping against the glass ceiling of living beyond their means.

I had a marvelous time with my mom, sister, nieces and Malcolm, my sister’s boyfriend, along with my husband, his momma the birthday girl, his pops, and the great Jackie Wilson!

Tell a friend+Prove it = Get a CD


One thought on “Thanksgiving

  1. Just discovered your amazing body of creative work. I especially love your spoken word artistry. I’d love to hire you for my business’ annual appreciation dinner party in Clearwater tentatively scheduled for the evening of 10-5-13, but don’t know how to get a hold of you. Please call or send an email if you are interested so that we can discuss the details. My email is or call my cell 941-400-2665. If that date doesn’t work, we could reschedule. Former guest artists were Venus Jones and Wally B.

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